Perfect Shot Filming is a video production company & advertising agency that utilizes the best technology!

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Our “Newly Advanced Geo-Fence Technology” can target your audience with a precision like never before imagined!

Geofencing is a technology that utilizes GPS and RFID to set geographic boundaries that triggers an action when a device enters a selected location. Once the device leaves the location, your advertisement will automatically stay in the device for 30 days and be shown on different platforms.

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Brand Development

If you’re looking for unique and exciting content for your business, look no further! We can gain a higher perspective and provide services tailored to your unique marketing needs. There is no one-size-fits-all solution and each client’s needs require a different approach. You can trust us to find the best path for you!

Video Production

Our passion for video production using drones and the latest cameras enables us to offer amazing, eye-popping footage that will change how your audience sees your brand. Gain an all new perspective with this growing and evolving technology that we master!